Land-book’s Guidelines

Hi Friend!

At, we have few and very simple rules that keep our gallery the finest place for seeking fresh, unique and beautiful website design inspirations.

Guidelines that make Land-book users (and founders) happy

1. Submit only good stuff.

You came here for the top-notch content and we do our best to give you one. By submitting high-quality website designs you support not only the idea that stands behind, but also the community of Creative Professionals who visit us to get inspired by the most beautiful website designs from around the web.

2. Don’t spam

Spam is no good, for anyone. We carefully select websites that appear on We won’t tolerate any attempts of spamming our platform. Please note that any spamming behaviour is a violation of Land-book’s Terms of Service and may result in an account removal.

3. Share other’s people work. is a great place for showcasing other’s work. Show us what you love and admire. Share what inspires you and makes you wanna jump into Photoshop/Sketch and start working on your next unique website project.

Note: we don’t support plagiarism and are strictly against it. We only believe that learning from the best, is the best and the only way to become a better Designer / Creator.

4. Don’t be shy! Brag a little.

We bet you do awesome things too. Brag a little about your work and submit your best website projects. Then spread the word, make them famous ;) and receive credit from other Designers from our community.

5. Show your love and support.

Like, share and give credit to website projects that you find particularly inspiring and valuable for the Land-book community. Also, don’t hesitate to share your feedback by dropping us a line at: [email protected].