🖊️ Changelog

We’re launching the Landbook Experts Directory


TL;DR: We want to show our appreciation for you, the Creators, for your work. We have just launched the redesigned profile page and we’re about to introduce the Landbook Experts Directory. We highly encourage you to fill out your profile details with some crucial additional information. This will enhance your chances of being discovered by new fans and potential clients once the directory goes live. Do you have a spare 3 minutes?

Dear Landbook Friends,

We have some pretty exciting news to share with you. We are a few weeks away from launching the Landbook Experts Directory. It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve wanted to spotlight the Creators, Crafters, Artists, and Rockstars* whose work we’ve been featuring for years.

Yes, we are talking about Y O U.

Your work, effort, dedication, and attention to detail have set the bar high for the design industry. You've inspired us and encouraged us not to settle for anything less than quality work.

We want to express our appreciation for you. Our way of saying ‘THANK YOU’ is by giving you more space to showcase your craft. We have just launched the redesigned profile page. Soon, we’ll be launching the Landbook Experts Directory, where you could be discovered.

We always felt it was the right thing to do - to acknowledge the Creators and provide you with space where you could be found by people who would appreciate your craftsmanship. Too many times, we were asked for the contact details of 'this website' Creator, and in most cases, we weren't able to share them.

The first step we took was improving our submission form and enhancing the process for claiming your work. We have seen more of you submitting your own work and receiving well-deserved kudos for your craft.

Now, it's time for more impactful actions. You can find a little sneak peek below.

You can enjoy the new profile page now. Fill out your profile details and make the profile your own.

The Landbook Experts Directory will go live within a few weeks. Fill out your profile information to get prepared.

Your turn

We’ve added some crucial information about your work, your company, and your offerings to the profile settings page. We highly encourage you to complete that information, as it will be crucial for your potential clients and people looking to hire highly qualified Creators.

Also, please note that for those of you who are actively looking for new job opportunities and/or new leads, there’s a section about your work preferences. You can fill it out anytime. However, the information about your availability, hourly rate, etc., will be visible once you are on a paid plan.

We want to be 100% transparent with you and mention our pricing model at this early stage, so there are no surprises along the way.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our users who became Landbook subscribers for your trust and support. As a ‘THANK YOU’, we are keeping the PRO plan for $6 USD per month and adding new PRO features that will allow you to get exposure in the Experts Directory.

For users who would like to get even more exposure and have profile customization features, we’ve prepared the PRO+ plan for $24 USD per month.

Also, please remember that Landbook offers a free plan for anyone who would like to browse inspiration and save their favorite websites and/or components for later and/or organize them into boards.

Side note

Claim your credits

If you would like to submit your website to Landbook, please check if it has been already featured. If that’s the case, please claim its credits. Simply click on the website’s thumbnail, and you’ll be directed to the website details page. Once there, click on the ‘Claim this website’ link, and you’ll be forwarded to your email client. We’ve prepared an email template for you. The only thing you need to do is add the link to your portfolio site.

We’ll verify your claim within a few business days. Once it’s verified, the website will appear on your Landbook profile and you’ll be visible as the Creator.

Submit your work

If you haven’t found your website in the gallery, you can submit it anytime. Just please remember to check the ‘I’m the author of this website’ checkbox. This way, the website will be automatically added to your Landbook profile, and you’ll be notified when the website is featured on the homepage.

That’s all for now, Friends. Please stay tuned as we’ll be reaching out to you once the Landbook Experts Directory is live! If you have any feedback or would like to share your thoughts about Landbook, please feel free to write your comments below or contact us directly via chat.

From Landbook with <3

*Please choose the appropriate one ;)